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Welcome to Phantom Bullies, where passion for XL/XXL American Bullies meets unrivaled pedigree. Our family of Phantom Paws promises companionship beyond compare, ensuring each pup is a cherished member of your forever family. 

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In our kennel, we care about the welfare of our dogs. That’s why all our puppies live in families, not in cages. We provide them with a loving and stimulating environment to ensure that they develop healthily. Our dogs have athletic builds, large muscles, impressive appearance, and physical performance.

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Witness the commitment to well-being with our personalized care approach. From health checks to nutrition, our Bullies thrive in an environment crafted for their happiness. Experience a new standard in canine care. Contact us today to learn more about our available puppies and how to welcome one of these extraordinary dogs into your home

Lifelong Support

Join our Bullie family and benefit from lifelong support. Our expert team is here to guide you at every step, ensuring a seamless integration of your new XL American Bully companion. Discover a community that cares beyond the adoption.

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About Phantom Bullies

As dog owners, we understand that our dog is not just our companion or best friend but also part of the family. It is without saying that you cannot find a true friend and companion from any dick and harry but from a trusted dog breeder and seller such as Phantom Bullies inc. At Phantom Bullies inc, we breed and sell the best and high-quality American Bully breeds. When it comes to choosing the right American Bully for you, Phantom Bullies inc is the place to seek.

XL/XXL American bully puppies for sale

Phantom Bullies Inc.

Qualified XL/ XXL American Bully Breeders

Are you a dog lover? Have American bullies stolen your heart? Find the ideal adventure companion with a tough exterior but a sweet and friendly temperament and a protective instinct ideal for families with children and pets. 


XL/XXL American bully puppies for sale

Phantom Bullies Inc.

Qualified XL/ XXL American Bully Breeders

Are you a dog lover? Have American bullies stolen your heart? Find the ideal adventure companion with a tough exterior but a sweet and friendly temperament and a protective instinct ideal for families with children and pets. 

Blue Nose Color

These puppies have a distinctive coat color in shades of gray or blue. They are beautiful and striking, with a unique appearance that sets them apart.

Merle Color

They have a coat pattern that combines spots and markings in shades of gray, black, white, and brown, creating a visually striking appearance.

Tri Lilac

Their coat has three predominant colors: lilac, white and black. They are elegant and sophisticated dogs with distinctive and attractive appearances.

Red Nose Color

Their appearance is charming and gives them a unique look. They can have different coat colors, such as brown, black, or white.

Black Color

Their glossy black coat gives them a distinguished and timeless look.

We offer the best of both XL and XXL American Bullies of different colors from merle, black, white, blue, fawn, red nose, lilac-tri, chocolate, to champagne. We are certified breeders; we care about the welfare of our XXL and XL American bully puppies; each has received the necessary health care, from timely vaccinations to the necessary deworming measures, to ensure happy and healthy puppies. We also provide health guarantee to our pitbull, American Bully puppies.

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XL/XXL American Bully puppies

Chocolate color Xl American Bully Puppy


Merle American Bully Puppies for Sale

American bully puppies

Phantom Bullies Journey

Embark on the Phantom Bullies journey as we unveil a roadmap crafted for excellence. Our six-step guide paves the way for a seamless experience, from discovering our exceptional XL/XXL American Bullies to welcoming them into your loving home. Explore the steps below and witness the road to Bullie bliss:
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Discover Our Legacy

Uncover the rich heritage and breeding excellence that define Phantom Bullies, setting the stage for unparalleled companionship.

Explore Our Bullies


Dive into the profiles of our XL/XXL American Bullies, each a testament to our commitment to exceptional standards and unique pedigrees.

Connect with Experts


Meet our dedicated team, a powerhouse of expertise ready to guide you through every aspect of choosing, caring for, and integrating your new Bullie into your family.

Experience Our Environment


Immerse yourself in the loving and nurturing atmosphere where our Bullies are raised, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

Reserve Your Companion


Navigate the straightforward process of selecting and reserving your future family member, securing your place in the Phantom Bullies community.

Welcome Home


Witness the joyous moment as you welcome your new Bullie into your home, completing the journey and initiating a lifetime of companionship and love.

Expert Team

Meet the powerhouse behind Phantom Bullies – our dedicated team of experts driven by a shared passion for XL/XXL American Bullies. With a wealth of experience, each member brings specialized knowledge, ensuring the highest standards of care, breeding, and companionship.
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Frequently Asked Question

Dive into our FAQ section to find answers to common queries about Phantom Bullies. We’re here to provide clarity and ensure your journey with our XL/XXL American Bullies is as seamless as possible.
At Phantom Bullies, the health and happiness of our Bullies are top priorities. We implement rigorous health checks, quality nutrition, and a loving environment to ensure each pup thrives.

Phantom Bullies only one Kennels who provides Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. All our puppies are health tested, vaccinated, dewormed and we provide Health Guarantee! Phantom Bullies Inc stands out for its unwavering commitment to breeding excellence. We combine a passion for XL/XXL American Bullies with meticulous care, resulting in exceptional companions with outstanding pedigrees.

Absolutely! We encourage potential owners to schedule visits, meet our Bullies, and experience firsthand the loving environment they're raised in. Contact us to arrange a visit and witness the Phantom Bullies magic!

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